The Best Espresso Machine Under $100 Review

The Best Espresso Machine Under $100

So you want to find the best espresso machine under $100 but you want to make sure you are getting a quality machine for your hard earned money right?

Well, you are in the right place because I am going to review five of the best espresso machines you can buy for less than $100.

These machines all are well reviewed by real users and have earned the reputation of being durable machines that produce delicious espresso.

Best Espresso Machine Under $100

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System

The Mr. Coffee Espresso system produces a delicious brew due to its’ forced steam heating system. It serves up to four shots of espresso.

This machine comes with a frother that will allow you to top off your espresso with a rich cream. Another great feature of this Mr. Coffee machine is that the catcher is removable for easy cleaning.

If you do not have lots of counter space available in your home then this machine will be perfect for you. It is compact and light weight. In fact, you will barely notice it is there until you are ready to brew and the sweet aroma of espresso fills the air.  Check out the Mr. Coffee in action.

Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System, ECMP50

The Coffee Automatic Dual Shot System provides a rich brew with a 15 bar pump system. It comes with a frother arm to add that professional espresso look and taste to your drink.

The dual shot feature allows you to make two cups at the same time so your significant other will not have to wait her or his turn.

If you are new to owning espresso machines then this one is perfect for you as it has one touch controls and a ready light to make use so easy anyone could operate it. The machine also comes with a removable reservoir for easy cleaning. Like the Mr. Coffee, this machine is also light weight and compact.

Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

The Delonghi EMK6 is very similar to your traditional coffee maker. It has a safety auto shut off so no worries of messy overflow or burning. It has a keep warm feature that will maintain just the right temperature for 30 minutes which is very convenient if you typically go back for a second cup.

This machine makes up to six cups and has an easy pour with the detachable base. This machine will take up more counter space and is heavier compared to the Mr. Coffee and the Coffee Automatic.

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

Like the Coffee Automatic, the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker allows you to make a rich brew with a 15 bar pump. This espresso machine also comes with a frother arm.

A unique feature about this machine is it works with both grounded beans and espresso pods. It provides the best of ease of use with barista quality espresso.

Its’ removable reservoir makes it very easy to clean after you are done making your drink. It is about the same in size and weight as the Delonghi espresso maker.

Excelvan CM6811 Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Coffeemaker

You will be able to make a very rich tasting espresso with the Excelvan CM6811 Steam Espresso Machine. It’s powerful steam and 3.5 bar working pressure is responsible for the rich taste you get.

The machine is very easy to use with a single on/off knob and bright indicator light to let you know when your machine is on and when it is safe to start enjoying your delicious drink. In terms of size, the Excelvan will take up the most counter space and weighs the most of all the machines reviewed here.

What’s the bottom line?  You can enjoy mouth-watering espresso in your home while spending less than you earn. You don’t need a loan to buy the best espresso machine for under $100, and you don’t need to pay unreasonable prices at a specialty merchant.

If you don’t like any of the machines you see here and want to spend a little bit more money then you can look at other budget friendly espresso machinesespresso machines under $200, or even machines under $500 but first, I would recommend comparing these responsibly priced machines to other top rated espresso machines to see if you are missing out on any features with these picks.

Again, I recommend the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker for its’ ease of use and ability to use grounds or pods to make just the right shot but all of these machines are very good quality that produce delicious espresso.

You no longer have to pay high prices at your local coffee shop. In fact, why not invite your friends over and impress them with your barista skills using one of these espresso machines!