T-fal SW6100 EZClean-Best Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

T-fal SW6100 EZClean

For a few years now, waffle maker designs have evolved, but the principle of operation has remained the same. The advent of removable plates makes waffle makers and other appliances even easier to clean and maintain. Similar challenges apply when it comes to choosing the best waffle maker with removable plates.

The T-fal SW6100 EZ Clean satisfies nearly all the requirements for a waffle maker including easy storage, indicator lights, and easy storage. One great thing this waffle maker has going for it is that it is a dual appliance which makes it even more valuable. Read more to find out why this waffle maker gets five stars for best waffle iron with removable plates.

Criteria For Selecting a Waffle Iron with Removable Plates

The T-fal SW6100 takes waffle makers to a whole new level. It might look too simple in appearance but don’t let its looks deceive you. From its incredibly quick heat up and baking times to the double waffle capacity, this waffle maker is perfect for quick waffles on the go.

According to one review from a satisfied Amazon customer, “The removable plates was a primary reason for selecting this waffle iron. I’m pleased with how easy it is to wash the waffle plates since they can be soaked in water or put in the dishwasher.”

When selecting a waffle iron, you should consider your personal preferences for waffles shapes and other factors. The size of the appliance, as well as appearance, should also influence your choices. Heat up time and cooking times are the other factors worth considering, in addition to the ease of cleaning and any maintenance requirements. The T-fal SW6100 satisfies these requirements, and you should read ahead to learn more about it.

T-fal SW6100 Waffle Iron Overview

T-fal SW6100 waffle maker comes with non-stick, dish-washable and removable plates, which makes cleaning easy. Compact in shape and small with a brushed stainless steel exterior and a black surround, the appliance makes two deep square waffles at a time.

The waffle maker is an excellent device and has two on/ready indicator lights on the top to alert you when your waffles are ready. There is a unique cord hideaway that makes tidying the cord away.

The T-fal waffle maker is compact in size and takes up little space in your kitchen. You can even store it upright to take even less space. A summary of the product key features are as follows:

  • Status indicator lights for power on and ready to bake.
  • Removable waffle plates for easy cleaning.
  • Non-stick plates for no-mess removal of waffles once baked.
  • Space saving upright storage.

Making Waffles The Easy Way


Based on the hundreds of reviews on Amazon and other sites selling the T-fal SW6100 waffle maker is a trendy item. It takes the prize for the best waffle maker with removable plates and wins hands down.

Several things are going for it, which includes the removable and dishwasher safe plates.

Additionally, the quick heat up and bake times means the waffle maker uses less energy compared to other waffle irons which take longer to cook.

This makes the T-fal SW6100 easy maintenance and straightforward to use compared to similar models. The fact that it’s not a single-use appliance i.e. it also makes sandwiches makes it even more versatile as a kitchen appliance.

The device is lightweight, and its stainless steel finish gives it an attractive appearance. If I had my way, the Tefal T-fal SW6100 would be mandatory in every kitchen across the land.


There are barely any downsides to the T-fal SW6100 waffle maker, and the only one worth mentioning is that it does not have browning control. Although this is a feature many users would want to have, the removable plates and the other amazing features make up for it.

Additionally, if you prefer circle shaped waffles, this is not the one for you as it only makes square waffles.

Final Words and Conclusion

This waffle maker is an amazing way to bring the great taste of cafe-style waffles into your kitchen. It’s reasonably priced and will produce two square waffles in under 3 minutes, excluding heat up time.

When you purchase this Belgian waffle iron with removable plates, you get the bonus of receiving removable sandwich plates too. If you are looking for the best Belgian waffle maker with removable plates, look no further.

This appliance opens up your breakfast options. You can make your waffles in advance and freeze them and just take them out when needed and pop into the toaster to warm them up.