Find The Best Cheap Sewing Machine Deals

Best Cheap Sewing Machines

With the overwhelming surge of home crafts and do-it-yourself projects flooding our screens, whether they be from Pinterest, Facebook, Martha Stewarts website or Instagram, it’s hard to escape the desire to try our own hand at some of these projects. Maybe it’s a pair of quaint country-style curtains, sure to add just the right touch of home to any living space, or a skirt thrown together from various scraps like some beautiful, flowing, bohemian wonder.

Maybe it’s the perfect costume for your little one or an outfit you just have to have. Whatever the reason may be, the answer is sewing. The question, however, is what machine? There are hundreds of options available on the market – traditional, electronic, simple, and complex, so how does one pick? Luckily this guide will outline some good and cheap sewing machine options for both beginners and advanced sewers, and from some of the top brands in the industry!

1. Singer 5400 Sew Mate

To start, I will highlight this absolute gem of a machine – the Singer 5400 Sew Mate. Singer is perhaps the most well-known name within the world of sewing machines.

It has been an industry-leader since its foundation in 1851, and this product more than does justice to the illustrious line of machines that came before it.

With 60 individual stitches offered on a user-friendly electronic interface, there is no limit to what this machine can accomplish. Don’t let the amount of functions daunt you though. It is just as simple for a beginner to sew their first straight stitch on this machine as it is for a veteran sewer to create complex design stitches for doilies and quilts.

And with the amount of extras and step by step guide, there’s no way you can go wrong. Easily the best cheap sewing machine deal there is.

2. Brother Jx2517 Lightweight and Full Size Sewing Machine

Think the Singer 5400 Sew Mate has too many bells and whistles but don’t want too basic of a sewing machine? Then this next product might be your happy medium. Allow me to introduce the Brother Jx2517 Lightweight and Full Size sewing machine.

Brother, like Singer, is a popular name in the industry, getting its start in 1908. Their machines are known for being both high-functioning and reliable.

This traditional model in particular has 17 built-in stitches featuring standard as well as unique design stitches and in addition, it includes several different feet and bobbins for various applications. With its easy automatic bobbin winding system and jam resistant drop-in top bobbin, this sewing machine will perform as effortlessly as a butterfly in a breeze. What more could you ask for from one of the best cheap sewing machines on the market?

3. Singer 1304 Start

Next up is a sewing machine designed specifically with beginners in mind. Lightweight, easy to use, and with all the quality and durability of its more advanced cousin, the Singer 1304 Start is without a doubt an impressive product.

Newcomers to the hobby will delight in its simplicity while veterans will be calling it their new go-to. The Singer 1304 Start features 6 of the most crucial stitches making this a surprisingly versatile model.

Perfect for simple crafts, scrapbooking, cardstock, and so much more, this little Singer absolutely deserves a top spot in the running for a great sewing machine option. Did I mention that it has an Easy Threading System WITH instructions printed right on it? Now how’s that for attention to detail!

4. Costway Sewing Machine

Although new to the scene, this next product is not to be underestimated. Bringing to the table 12 standard stitches, built in light and thread cutter, measuring tape and so much more, the Costway Sewing Machine really packs a punch!

Its small size makes it portable and easy to store without compromising on functionality. All the abilities of a full-size machine in a neat little package perfect for any number of applications. This truly is a good cheap sewing machine to consider.

It may not have the history the other machines do but when taken into account everything you’re getting for the price, I have no doubt this product will become a household favorite in no time!

5. Janome 128 FS

Last on our list is the Janome 128 FS. The Janome trademark was established in 1935 and has been a staple in the sewing community ever since. The Janome 128 FS is heralded as a brilliant, light-weight model, perfect for beginners, simple projects, and travel.

At only 11lbs, this machine is light enough to fit in a carry-on! It boasts 8 stitches and a built-in 4 step buttonhole.

Additional features like the auto declutch bobbin winder and convertible free arm really place this low priced machine high on the list of best bargain sewing machines and with a name like Janome, you know you’re getting quality.


All in all, there are endless options available to the consumer when shopping for sewing machines but all the machines listed here are guaranteed to be the top notch sewing machines you will find. There are machine for beginners all the way up to advance sewist.

Imagine all the incredible projects you could create with one of these quality products and without breaking the bank!

Combining a variety of available tasks and features, with rave reviews and affordability, look no farther for the best sewing machine deals on the web!