Best Sewing Machine Reviews: Top Rated Sewing Machine Guide

Best Sewing Machine

Creativity knows no boundaries and if you are a sewist looking to push the limits and achieve self-satisfaction, you have every reason to own the best sewing unit.

Matching your creativity with the right sewing machine is the recipe to achieving just about anything in your sewing career. But this has to start from somewhere.

First off, your skill level, budget, and potential projects are three of the most important elements you need to keep in mind while deciding which sewing machine is right for you.

However, sewing machines continue to evolve after year after year and so it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many options currently available in the market.

But the great news is that there’s a right fit for everyone, even for beginners. We took it upon ourselves to comb through the multiple top models from different brands, analyzing the features, prices, and reviews from previous customers just so that we could narrow down on those that have stood the test of time and continue to impress the majority of sewists.

Different Types of Sewing Machines

Just before we get down to the list, it’s important for you to be aware of the multiple types of sewing machines competing to grab your attention. Overall, there are three main types you should know. They include:

Computerized sewing machines

Just as the name suggests, these type of sewing machines make use of automated processes to carry out most of their functions. They will comprise of a couple of mortars all of which are responsible for different specific functions such as speed and the needle movement.

Mechanical sewing machines

Mechanical sewing machines fall on the lower side of the budget. They will require you to manipulate almost every function with help of your hand. Such machines are good at undertaking simple sewing tasks such as repairs, simple clothing, hems or crafts projects,

Electronic sewing machines

Such sewing machines usually consist of a single mortar that utilizes an electric pulse to put the needle to work. The needle movement is itself coordinated with the help of the material feeding mechanism.

Down under, you will be using the foot pedal to take control of everything. You can then use your hands to guide the fabric as you control the speed with your foot. Also present is a dial that lets you switch between different stitch options.

Embroidery/sewing machines

On top of all the functions an electronic sewing machine has, this kind of sewing machine will let you carry out monogramming tasks as well as embroidery for tasks such as bedspreads or garments. Different designs are usually built into the unit’s memory, bought on data sticks, CDs, and memory cards or connected to a PC. An LCD screen will let you manage the different available controls.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines

Any sewist would definitely want to own a sewing unit with exceptional performance, durability, reliability, and of course ease of use. You realize that such remarkable features are precisely the main reasons one sewing machine will rank better than the other.

Well, our list brings you sewing units that have been thoroughly vetted by sewing experts, reviewed by previous serious users as the best, and match up to the highest standards expected of a sewing machine. Take a look.

Brother cs6000i

Ever since it hit the market, the Brother cs6000i has maintained a top sport and for good reasons.

Of course, there’s the great value for the money but more importantly, it’s a computerized sewing machine complete with 60 built-in stitches.

This includes not just decorative stitches but multiple styles of one-step buttonholes.

If you look to carrying out larger projects or quilts, the detachable and oversized table will provide you with the much-needed space for that. Then there’s portability aspect which means you can take your machine with you to classes or other respective places with the included strong carry case.

Beginners have every reason to own this sewing machine, thanks to its ease of use. An included LCD display enables you to only touch a button to select your preferred stitch and in addition to that, the numbered chat that’s been plastered onto the machine will allow for really easy threading.

Not forgetting to mention the automatic needle threader responsible for allowing the machine to automatically push the thread straight through the needle.

Through the stitch speed slide, you can adjust the sewing speed as you wish. Other features worth mentioning include the 9 presser feet, compartment for storage, and a 25-year limited warranty. You will ultimately get the best value for your money with this sewing machine.

Brother XM2701

Price range and the ease of use make Brother XM2701 just what every beginner needs to set on a thriving sewing experience.

It stands tall among the best-selling Brother sewing machines and being feature-rich is just one among the many features that have enabled it to achieve this notable feat.

In total, it has 27 built-in stitches. They include decorative, zigzag, stretch, and blind hem. This means you have the stitches you could use to go about every kind of sewing project, from the simple ones to the complex designs. Best of all, all these stitch options have been plastered on the sewing machine just above the selector dial, making the selection as easy as simply switching the dial.

With help of the automatic one-step button holder, you will find it easy creating perfect buttonholes. Young sewists will also enjoy the fact the machine is lightweight making it easy to move around with.

The machine also comprises of 6 sewing feet: narrow hemmer, button, zipper, blind stitch, zigzag, and buttonhole. With all these options, together with the built-in free arm, you have not just the perfect sewing foot but all the necessary features needed to handle various types of sewing tasks with ease.

There’s a lot more to admire about the XM2701 and so whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this machine will serve you right.


Singer 7528 is pretty much a jack of all trades because it can do just about anything.

Besides, it’s one of the few award-winning (Consumers Digest award) sewing machines perfect for users of all skill levels. It’s computerized and has well over 100 stitch options.

Speaking of stitching, the selection is wide enough to let you handle multiple varieties of crafting tasks including quilting, heirloom stitches, garment sewing, decorative stitches just to name but a few. With the help of the simple LED display, selecting the stitches is a piece of cake. If you are working in dark areas, the LED light will fully illuminate your workspace for optimal viewing.

Better yet, you can easily access the stitches on the chart that’s embedded on the machine, just below the LED control panel. Simply select the number that corresponds to the specific stitch and you’ll be good to go.

Not forgetting to mention the 7 different automatic buttonholes styles. An included instruction DVD will also help you get the hang of it pretty quick if you are new to sewing machines or just need to make the most out of it.

Setting up the machine is easy because it has a pack of features that work towards saving time and other complications involved in operating it. This includes the automatic needle threader for easy and quick threading as well as a top loading bobbin system complete with a clear cover.

For its performance, advanced features, ease of use, solid construction, and efficiency, the Singer 7528 is what any sewist will never regret to own.

Janome Magnolia 7318

Janome Magnolia 7318 is one of the few simple sewing machines that hugely inspires innovation and creativity. It achieves exactly what its creators intended it to.

It’s designed for the sewist who looks to trying out multiple sewing activities. This includes garments, quilting, home decoration, crafting and a lot more.

If you are a young sewist, the included instructional guide will make it easier for you to figure out how the machine works. Better still, the built-in needle threader and the cutter will let you switch the threads with ease. Other features that enhance its functionality include the 18 stitch options including decorative and utility stitches, a four-step buttonhole, the presser feet, and a top loading bobbin.

Even though it’s non-computerized, it still has a stitch selection dial as well as stitch adjustment knob. Meaning you will have it easy selecting between different stitch options and also customize their length and width. As for the speed, you will have to control it with the help of a foot pedal.

Another great thing the machine has is a wide sewing surface which makes it ideal for taking on larger sewing projects. Besides, you can lift the presser feet high enough to accommodate some pretty thick fabrics.

Overall, the Janome Magnolia 7318 is a well-balanced out sewing machine you will never go wrong with.

SINGER One Plus 221

Singer one Plus machine is among the most hyped sewing machines of our times and its impeccable functionality and speed justify that.

The design appears pretty conventional but that doesn’t take away anything from its goodness. In fact, it’s appealing and comprises a pretty wide sewing space making it ideal for larger projects.

Its structure comprises a solid metal frame that aids in stability while sewing, in addition to making it durable. SwiftSmart Threading System, a patented system, makes threading a breeze, not to mention that it does that in seconds. Together with the automatic needle threader, it makes the whole sewing experience smooth and more fun, especially for beginners.

The machine is fully computerized with an LCD screen from which you select your sewing options including the machine’s whopping 221 stitch options. There are extensive stitch options which you can adjust using the two knobs on the right side of the machine. You can as well program the needle to stop either in the up or down position

Also worth mentioning is the special bobbin system which you only need to drop and sew straight away. And the ability to edit and save particular stitch options to come up with customized designs and designs.

Even though it falls on the higher side of the price range, getting to own this machine is an investment you will live to cherish all your life.

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Compared to the many heavy-duty sewing machines available in the market today, Janome HD3000 takes the lead and for valid reasons.

First off is the 7-piece feed dog which takes away the pain of having to train your hand to be precise and aiming all your concentration at feeding the fabric.

You have a total of 18 stitches and a one-step buttonhole to choose from. Besides, you can as well adjust the stitch length as well as width when looking to customize your work. Unlike the computerized model, Janome HD3000 only has clear and use-to-use dials. A chat containing the stitch options as well as the controls have all been placed on the front of the machine.

Besides the basic features, it also comes packed with the fancy ones just in case you wish to get a little more adventurous. This includes the adjustable presser foot which could be helpful when you want to sew something pretty thick.

The built-in needle threader takes away the trouble of threading needles and an additional built-in thread cutter saves the time you would go around looking for a scissor.

There’s also a storage compartment to keep all your items for easy accessibility while sewing. A drop-in and clear bobbin plate also boost its functionality and the included hard case make it convenient to carry the unit around.

Despite being on the higher side of the price range, the Janome HD3000 stands out as the best sewing machine for the money.


Singer 4423 is the closest you will come to a heavy duty inexpensive sewing machine.

Named the true workhouse, the machine does almost everything you expect from a basic sewing machine and it does it well enough.

It comprises a solid metal frame not just for extra durability but for holding of all its internal mechanism in proper alignment to allow for stability and smooth sewing.

It may not be the perfect machine for trying out the fancy tailoring works but when it comes to garment alternations or when you want to begin on a new project, the machine won’t disappoint. The automatic needle threader helps to save time and when combined with its exceptional speed of 1100 stitches per minute, you will be able to complete your projects in no time.

Also expect completely automatic one step buttonhole, a top drop-in bobbin complete with clear cover plus a stainless steel bed plate that allows for seamless fabric feeding which eventually leads to even sewing. A singer sewing app is also available from which you can get to learn a lot more on how to go about this sewing machine.

Brother ST371HD

Brother St327HD is a modest sewing machine that will get your typical repair or sewing job done to satisfaction as well endure the most demanding sewing tasks.

It’s not computerized but with proper thread and needle, you can get anything done just as fine as you would with a computerized model.

You can select from its 37 stitch options which include decorative, zigzag, stretch, blind hemstitch, and utility stitches plus a one-step buttonhole. All adjustments are done with the help of a dial.

You can use the different dials to switch between different stitch options, adjust the tension, stitch length and width. Also, on the front side of the machine, there’s a chart showing the different stitch options matched to their dial numbers.

In addition to that, you have a total of 6 sewing feet to take care of your different sewing needs. To thread the machine, just observe the numbered markings and proceed to press a lever.

The machine utilizes a drop-in bobbin system with a clear cover which helps to prevent jams or thread ‘nests’. There’s also a free arm that helps in sewing tiny circumferences and besides that, you can as well lower the feed dogs to allow for machine darning or free motion quilting.

Presence of LED lighting means you will have enough light for optimal viewing while sewing. Brother ST317HD undoubtedly fits well into the needs of many sewists.

Singer Special Edition Sewing Machine

The Singer Special Edition is a blend of the past and the present.

It takes the exceptional functionality of the conventional singer machine and mixes it with innovative features to create a sewing machine of impeccable ability.

It dons a metallic silver finish but that’s not where the beauty ends. Presence of the patented SwiftSmart threading system complete with an automatic needle threader allows for smooth and seamless sewing.

Also, the presence of the drop and sew bobbin system, as well as the presser foot sensor, make the setup process pretty easy and simple.

With the help of a clear LCD screen and a stitch selection dial, you will have it easy switching between different stitch settings including the 231 built-in stitches. You can as well as program the needle to halt at either a top or down position which is great not just for quilting but appliquing as well.

And with speed control, you can sew at your own desired speed with an option to either use the foot control or not.

Other fancy features you will want to try out include the stitch elongation, drop feed, and an automatic twin needle control. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this machine will meet your best needs.

Juki DDL-8700

Juki DDL 8700 sewing machine puts performance above all else.

It combines top speed, unmatched strength, and great persistence to make it one of the few reliable sewing machines for industrial use as well the best sewing machine for home use.

What really makes it ideal for home use is the included servo sewing motor. It’s the one responsible for keeping it quiet hence ideal for use inside homes.

The machine possesses a rugged design and this speaks a lot about its durability potential. The engineering behind it is impeccable and it’s further reinforced by a solid metal construction. But what impresses most above all other features is its speed: 5000 stitches per minute. And even with such a high speed and exceptional power, it still goes gentle on the fabrics.

Juki DDL 8700 has been designed to endure the most extreme of sewing tasks without any disappointments. However, the unit may not be exactly ideal for sewing heavier fabric. Nonetheless, if you need a tough sewing machine for everyday use, look no further than the Juki DDL 8700.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine

Having already mentioned that shopping for a sewing machine can get pretty overwhelming and leave you spoilt for choice, it’s only fair that we also highlight a proper way that you can go about it. The truth is there are so many brands and models, broad range of features as well as price differences all of which must be put into consideration when buying a sewing unit.

So let’s get right into it.

You might as well watch the following video just to get a deeper and clear understanding of the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a sewing unit.

Skill level

Obviously, what’s best for a beginner sewist may not be the right fit for an advanced sewist. An advanced user will definitely want more advanced and perhaps sophisticated features while a beginner will go for the basics.

However, if you are a beginner who looks to taking your sewing experience to a whole new level, then you might as well go for the advanced models. Computerized models usually come packed with extra features compared to the mechanical models.

Potential Projects

The sewing projects you intend to carry out will influence the type of sewing machine you intend to buy. Whereas some of us just need the machine for typical repairs or alternations, there are those who need it for complex design tasks such as creating fashionable dresses.

Features such as a buttonhole stitch are a must for dressmaking while tasks such as sewing trouser legs or shirt sleeves require the free arm feature.

Also, there are specific models that can handle thicker fabrics. The majority usually handle light to medium fabrics. And if you are into quilting or related tasks, go for the units with plenty of stitch choices. However, if you only look to undertaking simple tasks, then the units with basic stitches are a perfect for you.


If you are after a unit for industrial use, then you will have to opt for those that can endure consistent use. A perfect example is the Juki DDL 8700. However, if you simply want a sewing machine for home use, meaning you won’t be using it as regularly as those who do for commercial purposes, then go for the simple models.


You can purchase a sewing machine for as low as $50 or for as high as $1000. It all depends on how much you wish to spend on one. However, the majority, like those we’ve covered in our review, range between $100- $500 and almost all of them come attached with a warranty.

More importantly, always look at the value you are getting for the price. In fact, it’s advisable to only go for the best sewing machine for the money.


Weight will definitely become a deciding factor if you intend to take your sewing machine with you to classes or other respective places. The majority of the lightweight models often come with a handy case where you can store it as you move around. However, if you intend to mount it on a sewing table and probably have it sit in a specific location, weight isn’t going to be a major issue.

Well, the bottom line is there’s no right sewing machine for every sewer but by being aware of your skill level, potential projects, cost, frequency, and mobility, you can trim down your choices to one that fits you right.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a new sewing machine means a lot to many of us and we took it upon us to ensure that no one ends up making a wrong decision or buying an item they will live to regret all their lives. Our list of the best sewing machines comprises different models each specially designed to match our unique needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, we have the perfect selections for you.

Besides, all the selected sewing machines are highly rated and bear raving sewing machine reviews from those who’ve used them before. Obviously, the majority can’t be wrong but other than that, we’ve filtered them out based on functionality, reliability, affordability, amongst other vital factors.

Our hope is that you will have an exciting and memorable experience not just narrowing down to your best sewing machine but also when you start to use the unit.

Once again, good luck!