Best Japanese Rice Cooker Reviews

Best Japanese Rice Cookers

Where can you get a rice cooker that is of the best quality and is made to work in any type of climate? Japan, of course!

Japanese rice cookers are some of the well-made ones I have ever used. It makes sense because Japan is a country where majority of the population eat rice everyday.

I researched and reviewed 25 different top models to write this review article so that it will ultimately help you pick the best Japanese rice cooker that is available in the market.

These japanese rice cooker reviews are based on my personal experience, other customer’s reviews and the features that are available in the rice cookers.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White, 1.0-Liter

Big things comes in small packages. This rice cooker is small and convenient, suitable for small kitchens. It is affordable and has a lot of features that enables you to create the perfect bowl of rice that you always dreamed of. Even though it looks small you can cook more than 5 cups of uncooked rice in it which is more than enough to feed a big family.

It has a non-stick inner pan and a sphere shaped interior which helps the rice to be cooked evenly. It has a digital display and various menu selections and automatic reheating cycles (fuzzy logic).

The only thing to be worried about is that there are a few reports about the unit breaking down, which would be covered under the 1 year warranty.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Black and Stainless Steel

This rice cooker is the Crème de la Crème when you are searching for the best Japanese rice cooker. This model is an all rounder. It is durable, versatile and above all has an optimal price tag.

It is optimal for medium sized families since you can cook up-to 3 cups of raw rice. It can also be used to cook brown rice.​

It is easy to use with measuring lines in the inner pan for controlling the water to rice ratio and multiple cooking functions to cook the rice in variety of ways. The detachable inner lid helps with easier cleaning.

Care should be taken while washing the cooker since the coating material gets scratches very easily.

Panasonic SR-G06FG Automatic 3.3 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker (Silver)

Banzai, for yet another extremely cost-effective and medium sized rice cooker. This model by Panasonic has got a lot of good press upon its launch. I like the glass lid of the rice cooker since it allows me to see through the lid while the rice cooks.

we can more than 3 cups of uncooked rice which is suitable for a medium sized family. It features a one-step automatic cooking feature with automatic shutoff. The non-stick aluminium base makes it easier to clean the cooker after cooking the rice.

It does not have a warm function which is a slight drawback. Also the coating of the aluminum pan tend to peel off in time.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter

This is yet another amazing rice cooker from Zojirushi that is feature packed. This is a customisable fuzzy logic based rice cooker with LCD screens and digital functions.

What I love the most about this particular model is its durable stainless steel exterior.

It can also be used for cooking sushi, steaming vegetables and baking cakes. It has an automatic keep warm function which keeps the food warm all the time it is plugged into the socket.

The main disadvantage of this product is the Teflon coating on the aluminium cooking pot which tends to peel off with use. But with some extra care the life of the Teflon coating can be prolonged.

Tiger JNP-1800-FL 10-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer, Floral White

This rice cooker from Tiger is the best available option for a very big family. You can cook up-to 10 cups of uncooked rice in it. The price of this model is lower when compared to other models in the market that are of the same capacity.

It has a warmer that keeps the rice warm up-to 12 hours and it has many other features such as retractable power cord, removable steam vent and a non-stick coated inner pan.

The only downside of this rice cooker is the missing of advanced features like a delay timer, etc. So if you are looking for advanced features then you should look at other rice cookers on this list.

These are the Japanese rice cooker reviews for the top 5 models that are available from the Japanese manufacturers. If you are still in doubt then do check out the user reviews of the products using the link next to the product so that you can get clear view of what things are.

Rice cookers play a vital role and you can never go wrong choosing the best Japanese rice cooker one from the five rice cookers that are reviewed in this article.

Now that we have come to the end of this review article I would like to part ways with you by showing a video on making  perfect rice in rice cooker.