Best Bidet Toilet Seats

Best Bidet Toilet Seats Reviews

The bidet was first introduced in France in the mid 18th century. It was an invention that improved personal hygiene, especially for women.

Over time there have been added numerous improvements that have made the bidet not only easier to use, but also more effective. The concept that personal hygiene doesn’t have to begin and end in the shower has helped make the bidet a very popular product around the globe.

Strangely it has only recently become more popular in the United States. There are various theories on why that is so, but more importantly there are many positive reasons for us to have one in the family bathroom.

The best toilet seats, especially bidets, cover a wide range of features as well as costs. These include aerated water streams, deodorizers, temperature control and dryers. Below we have listed what some experts consider some of the best bidet toilet seats.

Toto SW502#01 B100 Washlet for Elongated Toilet

A popular elongated bidet toilet seat that fits all two piece units. The unit has a control panel on the right side. Much more convenient than a separate remote control.

While one of our higher priced selections, it has a great set of features at a reasonable price compared to other similar seats. This includes adjustable aerated water temperature, and a heated seat.

Brondell S900-EW Swash 900 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

Another higher end product. The Brondell S900-EW is probably the best toilet seat bidet on the market today. Constant warm water washes, ergonomic design, and wireless remote control are some of the features that make the Brondell S900. The electrical connection is placed on the right hand side.

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control

A popular model that is easier on the wallet but still includes all the bells and whistles of the higher end brands. Numerous adjustable options that provides the user the ability to modify the unit to their personal preferences. These include remote control of water pressure, temperature, air dryer levels, as well as nozzle positions.

American Standard 5321.110.021 EverClean Elongated Toilet Seat

American Standard is one of the best producers of bathroom fixtures available on the market. While not the best bidet seat available, this unit certainly stands up to the quality one expects of the manufacturer. And at a reasonable price. The EverClean toilet seat is certainly an option when considering the purchase of the best toilet seat.

Ergo Bidet QB-1008

This premier non-electric unit is the best toilet seat bidet attachment that is eco-friendly on the market today. Easy and efficient operation brings personal hygiene to a new level. The Water spray can be adjusted with a side handle that is manually controlled. Effective, simple cleansing with no frills. Fits on any elongated toilet and is easy to install (just a screwdriver).

The best bidet toilet seats get installed directly on your existing toilet. Their use provides another level to the concept of personal hygiene. While the bidet has not been as popular in North America as in the rest of the world, it is quickly becoming a must among a large portion of the population. Unlike stand-alone models, the best bidet seat does not look out of place. It also takes up less space which is most convenient for small bathrooms.

There is a huge variety of the best bidet toilet seats available today. The two main issues in making the best decision of which is right for you, is affordability and personal physical needs. To find the best toilet seat you need to do your homework.