Tips To Choose The Best Pressure Cooker For Canning

Canning is by far the best way for you to preserve foods and avoid having to use factory-made foods. With the plethora of good-quality, organic foods available, it is simply a waste to have to buy factory made ones. Homemade canned foods preserve far more nutrients without extra harmful chemicals. Good quality pressure cookers with canning options are a great way to make the job easier for yourself. With a good pressure canner, you will simply fill up jars with foods and water, and leave it up to the canner to do the rest of the work. But, how do you find the best pressure cooker canner? Here are some useful tips:


Read reviews

Every pressure canner you come across will promise miracles, but not all of them perform well. Of course, consumers have a strong voice on the internet, and for any model you wish to buy, you should be able to find enough of online reviews to find out if it’s worth purchasing or not.

Turn to reliable brands

Not all pressure canners are made equal, and some of the brands/manufacturers have proven to perform far better than the rest of them. If you are looking for top quality pressure canners, turn to brands such as Presto and All American. These brands have some of the most sold pressure cookers and canners, and not without a reason. They offer a wide range of pot sizes so that you can choose the appliance that will fit your needs just right. Many brands come up with only one or two pot sizes, which may not be enough for your canning needs, or might even be too much. Also, top pressure cooker brands offer multiple options when it comes to pressure, as well as canning programs.

The pressure canner capacity

You may not be able to do all of your canning in a single round, but you don’t have to spend days putting jars in separate sessions just because your pressure canner doesn’t have the capacity you need. Every pressure canner comes with detailed instructions on its canning capacity, including the number of each jar it can perform on. This is something you can easily learn simply by looking at the packaging, a user manual or by asking a store clerk.

Be cautious with used canners

Buying a used canner of a quality brand at half the price might be tempting, but approach it with caution. It doesn’t matter if the canner is made of stainless steel or aluminum, any damages or poor maintenance by previous owners can result in lower performance or even spreading toxic chemicals. Every instruction on buying the best pressure cooker for canning warns of damaged pots. They are a safety and a health hazard. Also, you may not know that the panel had been damaged, which can affect your canning results or even make the product completely useless.

Think about your surface (counter/stove top)

First, think about which of the two (the counter top pressure canner or the stovetop pressure canner) you want to buy.

Next, if you decide to go with a stovetop pressure canner, make sure you know if it is too heavy for a flat surface stove. These modern stoves might be the most convenient to use, but they definitely can’t take as much weight as the old-fashioned stoves can. Before you spend money on a power pressure cooker/canner, make sure to find instructions on the type of surface it is best used on.

Ease of maintenance/care

If you want your pressure canner to last long, you should be able to take it apart and clean it once in a while. If you choose the best pressure cooker for canning, the pot should be able to wash in the dishwasher and stains should go off easily. If the pressure canner comes with a pot that is difficult to pull out and wash, or it’s too complicated to set apart and clean, it is not worth your money.


These tips on buying the best pressure cooker canner aimed to give you important guidelines regardless of the model you will choose. With good quality pressure canners, it doesn’t really matter which brand you will choose. You need to consider some of the important factors mentioned above and you will not go wrong.

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