Find The Best Toilet Seats For A More Comfortable Home

Find The Best Toilet Seats For A More Comfortable Home

Even though it seems like a simple decision, finding the best toilet seat is a difficult task to do properly. The importance of the decision is that it is something you use regularly (hopefully), and thus should prefer that it provides the comfort, accessibility, and proper orientation that makes it easy on your body.

The task of finding the most comfortable toilet seat is difficult due to the wide array of choices on the market. The variety of brand options and material options (wood or plastic), are daunting enough. Then consider other choices like shape and size. This is not the case of one size fits all. Another question to ask is if your current toilet seat elongated or round? Does the unit need to be extra sturdy due to heavy use or even excessive weight? Also, would you be better served by a bidet seat, a raised model, or heated type? Another consideration is if there is a new member in the household that is ready to begin using the best potty seat?

These all have specific benefits depending on you and your family needs. For individuals suffering from surgery or a debilitating degenerative disease such as arthritis, the best raised toilet is essential for stability and safety. On the other hand the best bidet toilet seats offer a quantum leap in personal hygiene choices. Then again, the best heated toilet seats provide great comfort to your family on a cold winter day. A high quality toilet seat is an essential item that is probably most overlooked in a large family household.

The best toilet seats will be of high quality, great aesthetic design, durable, and easy to clean. Comfort in body optimization is also a consideration. We have studied multiple reviews of the best choices for a high quality toilet seat. While not all inclusive, they can help in the decision process that you and your family needs. Here are some of the best toilet seat reviews we have found and compiled into a simple list.

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Mayfair 48SLOWA 000

the best toilet seat

The Mayfair 48SLOWA is a great high quality toilet seat. Manufactured from durable molded wood it has a high gloss advanced finish. It is a round seat featuring color matched bumpers and hinges. Produced in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin, it is produced with environmentally friendly processes and materials. Price friendly, the Mayfair 48E2 000 is rated on many best toilet seat reviews due to its qualities of design and engineering.

Product Design

Easy clean and change hinge

Whisper close –silently closes with a tap – no slamming!

STA-TITE Seat Fastening System

Easy Installation

Durable molded wood with high gloss finish

Fits all round toilet bowls

Made in the USA under environmentally friendly processes and materials

Kohler K-4694-0 Ridgewood

With a white stylish finish, this is an elongated closed front toilet seat that is typical of the Kohler brand. It is manufactured to provide maximum comfort and has a color matched polypropylene hinges. These provide a very secure and stable connection with the toilet bowl.

best toilet seat

Product Design

17-18.625 inches x 14.25 inches

Made of molded wood

Elongated closed front seat

Structured to fit both one and two piece bowls

Easy to install

Kohler K-4695-0 Ridgewood

This a round closed front toilet seat that is manufactured in the USA, and comes with color matched hinges. Like the 4694 model it is made of molded wood and is of a white finish. Ergonomically structured, it provides users with superior comfort. This Kohler toilet seat has a narrower rear rim which makes an increased toilet opening. That is a benefit if for those who are of bigger girth.

best toilet seat

Product Design

Fits suitably and is easy to install

Matches well with classic lines on many toilets

Conventional design

Highly durable

Ergonomically comfortable

Bemis 800EC000

This model comes in either molded-wood or plastic. It depends on your preference and needs. The wooden design is denser, heavier, and feels much sturdier. It is more resistant to abrasion than the plastic, but more vulnerable to staining. The plastic type is lighter, but is more easily effected by abrasion. Both are good choices, it really becomes a matter of what your household and budget needs are.

best toilet seats

Product Design

Easy to clean and change


Round toilet design

Easy to install

Kohler K-4647-0 Stonewood

This unit has one of the best elongated toilet seat reviews that is on the market today. It is made of molded wood and has the stylish look typical of the Kohler brand. It is designed to fit one and two piece elongated toilets, and is highly durable. Made form very high quality materials, it is heavy and thick. It also has a very stylish finish which will add more grace to your bathroom. While a little more on the pricier side, it is a fine product to consider for a bathroom upgrade.

best toilet seat

Product Design

Compression molded wood

Versatile design

Fits one and two piece toilets


Color matched durable plastic hinges

To find the best toilet seats takes some digging, but to make your family more comfortable it is well worth the time. They need to be sturdy, robust, and made of durable materials. They also need to be designed in a manner that suits you and your family’s needs.

With all the potential choices such as height, covers, shape, heating, and bidet options, there can be a confusing number of options. What is important is to research the different varieties of products and decide what fits for your family and what doesn’t. While you might think just simply buying a new toilet seat is a one off decision, taking some time in you purchase would make everyone in your household more properly comfortable. This is something that is a noble goal for all of us to achieve.

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