Power Pressure Cooker Reviews (The #1 Option with Extra Power)


Power Pressure Cooker XL is a digital pressure cooker that prepare normally slow-cook meals fast. As the manufacturer claims, it can prep slow-cook meals up to 70% faster than with regular cooking. In addition, the Power Pressure Cooker XL is designed to saves time, money and energy while preparing healthy meals packed with nutrients. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its advanced features and relatively low price.

Criteria for a great cooker

What makes a good cooker is its performance. When it comes to the performance, most reviews show that the opinions on this power cooker are polarized. While some are completely satisfied, others have negative remarks when it comes to its ability to cook and fry meat. A good cooker is also reliable, which is brought in question here due to this appliance’s issues with containing hot steam.

Ease of maintenance is something that the manufacturer guarantees, claiming that the pot of the cooker is easy to wash and can also be washed in the dishwasher.

With every cooker, ease use is something the customer looks for. When it comes to this product, there’ve been some issues regarding its user instructions according to many other reviews. However, users don’t agree with the manufacturer’s claim that the cooker is easy to use.

pressure cooking instruction
pressure cooking safety


The power cooker pressure cooker works by trapping the heated steam inside its pot. This way, it cooks multiple types of food fast and locks in precious nutrients. The meals are also said to be rich in flavor, due to the process of steam cooking. The manufacturer claims that the power cooker does a great job with cooking meat, vegetables, fish, beans, stews, soup, and rice. It allows all ingredients to cook in one pot.

According to many power pressure cooker reviews, this cooker also allows the food to cook un-defrosted. The manufacturer claims that it saves energy while keeping the kitchen cool and fresh from the cooking smells.

The cooker can both brown and saute food with its adjustable 10-80 kPa pressure. The pots come in 6,8 and 10-quart capacity. The pressure cooker also features stainless steel housing and digital display panels, built-in and reinforced steam ledge as well as the safety lock lid.


This power cooker pressure cooker has some of the strong features, like the “keep warm” mode you can turn on to prevent the food from cooling too soon. Many agree with the manufacturer that the pot-cleaning truly is easy, and the pot is also dishwasher-friendly. The company also offers refunds and returns in a case that you change your mind about the product.


This cooker also comes with a couple of shortcomings. Some are minor pet-peeves, while others are quite serious. Many users have complained about long shipping in the past, though it is now very likely that the company handled the problem. Users are also complaining about poor customer service and it’s lack of communication ability. In addition, customer service is often unresponsive to emails. Many claims that they’ve not only had trouble reaching the customer service but when they, the customer service wasn’t too eager or capable of helping them solve their issue.

According to some power pressure cooker review, buyers had received the wrong model of the cooker and had to pay shipping services to return the product and have it replaced with the model they have actually ordered.

When it comes to performance, users complain that it has trouble maintaining pressure and that it sometimes burns food. The directions are vague and difficult to interpret to some. Others claim that the unit takes too long to pressurize before it can begin cooking. It also has uneven performance when it comes to cooking.

The inability to contain steam due to the close lid is serious safety hazards, especially for those who are not experienced or skillful with using pressure cookers. The lid is very loose and easy to move while cooking, which makes the product very unsafe.


The overall impression of this Power Pressure Cooker XL is that it’s great for preparing certain foods, while it’s inadequate for others. For example, it proved to do a great job with cooking vegetables. Veggies made in this cooker come out perfectly cooked and with a strong flavor according to many. But, when it comes to cooking meat, it fails to deliver.

A lot of users claim that they just can’t find the right temperature for meat. It comes out either not cooked enough, or overcooked/burned. There are simply too many shortcomings to the product to recommend it, but those willing to give it a try are free to do so.

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